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Michelle Renee,

"I tear myself to shreds to prove that I'm someone that I could never be."

Michelle Renee
hello, I'm Michelle
But Jenn calls me Moo-Shell :]
I'm just a typical teenage girl;;
nothing special. I love being weird,
unique,[RANDOM] and mysterious.
I'm not like an open book
so don't try to read me.
I have a low self-esteem
I'm insecure
I'm paranoid
I'm short and fat :]
I always get taken advantage of
I always get used
for some reason people never trust me
I'm generally a really nice and caring person
I can be a bitch if I hate you
I fall in love too easily
I try to be silent that way I'll experience things you wouldn't
normally experience when you're loud
people think I'm weird and insane and they'd be right :D
I love weird, abnormal, bloody, gruesome things; they excite me.
I'm sensitive and emotional
I'm a dreamer and a thinker
the hate for myself is greater than anything I've known
I have very few true friends
sometimes I wish that I was someone else
and I'm still trying to figure out the reason why I'm even living

if beauty is pain..then I must be fucking gorgeous.


~Music <3


~inside jokes

~cheesy love letters

~disney movies






~English class

~art class/drawing/sketching

~romantic things

~secret handshakes



~colorful and flashy things

~Hayley Williams

~Amy Lee


~eskimo kisses :D

~bear hugs


~conversations that last for hours on end =D







*shady people





*fake people



*obnoxious people


*speech making

*eating in public


Extra Info

-I fall in love too easily

-I'm a sucker for getting my heart broken

-Hot Topic && candy stores are my addiction

-I always wanted to kiss someone in the rain♥

-I love saying: rawr, grrrr, argghh, ughh, and gahh

-I wanna stay young furreverr :D

-I love putting face after everyone's name

-I'm seriously shy

-I call everyone loviee

-I always blush

-I'm paranoid..so much that it scares people

-I'm usually a determined/hard working person

-I'm hardly ever confident/self-concided..but when I am..you'll know

-I'm a good advice giver (except when it comes to me)

-I'm great at cheering people up and encouraging them

&& lastly

-I'm a really awesome person and you should get to know me! =]

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